This box contains:Dior Homme Eau de Toilette 100 ml
After Shave Balm 50 ml
Deodorant Spray 50 ml


An eau de toilette with an intensely woody trail, between strength and tenderness. The declaration of an assumed masculine sensuality.

Dior Homme eau de toilette is troubling with its strength and charming with its freshness. Dior Homme keeps all the promises of an intensely wooded masculinity that envelops and dresses, and leaves an imprint on the long run. A man, yes, but all in nuances: the strength and the caress assumed.
Raw wood, hand-chiseled by Dior.

A new masculine sensuality which is redefined in a polyphony of raw and suave wood at the same time. A heart of soft woods, where the virility of Atlas cedar embraces the enveloping warmth of Kashmir wood.
A fragrance with an assertive wake, which leaves a sensual imprint.

The after-shave balm calms the heat of shaving and softens the skin while prolonging the wake of Dior Homme.
Dior Homme aftershave balm calms shaving heat and provides an instant feeling of comfort and softness. Its innovative, non-greasy texture envelops the skin in the sensual and tender wake of Dior Homme.

The invigorating freshness spray deodorant from Dior Homme.
The Dior Homme spray deodorant accentuates the tonic notes of Dior Homme eau de toilette to combine pleasure and efficiency. A fresh boost upon application.



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