Gamma Hydroxy 50ml

Gamma Hydroxy 50ml


A new generation in cosmetic skin resurfacing for the best results possible without a chemical peel! Gamma Hydroxy dramatically smoothes the appearance of acne scarring, wrinkles and the visible signs of skin ageing.

With a unique Hydroxy formulation, Alpha and the Beta Hydroxy Acids have been blended to have a cosmetic resurfacing effect so dramatic that with regular use, it has even been likened to a chemical peel.

Cumalitve Benefits:
The Hydroxy acids have been carefully balanced so that the beautiful, smoothing effect happens over weeks – without harsh irritation.
How to UseDirections:Thoroughly clean your face and pat dry. Smooth a thin, even layer of Gamma Hydroxy cream over your face, neck, hands or anywhere you wish to improve the appearance of your skinYou may feel a slight tingling – any severe sensations and you should discontinue useFollow with your Skin Doctors daily or nightly moisturiserFor best results, cleanse skin first with pH Balancing Cleanser to gain maximum cosmecuitcal results.

Cautions:Keep out of reach of children



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