Hair No More Spray 120ml

Hair No More Spray 120ml


Skin Doctors Hair No More Inhibitor Spray contains natural herbal extracts to gently and effectively reduce hair re-growth. This long-term solution to hair removal saturates the hair follicle, starving the hair of the nutrients it needs. Hair grows back finer and sparser.
How to UseDirections:Once the skin has dried following depilation, spray the intended area with a fine mist. Apply enough spray to saturate the area and then massage into the skin until fully absorbed. If applying to a sensitive area (ie – close to eyes or mouth) spray onto a piece of cotton wool first and then apply to the application area.Use daily for the first week and twice weekly thereafter to maintain hair retarding action. Apply more often if the hair is thick and dark.

Cautions:Patch test 24 hours prior to first use.Keep out of reach of children.
Product Benefits

Discourages hair re-growth

Minimises the appearance of hair

Re-growth is sparser, lighter and less obvious

Nourishes and calms the skin after hair removal



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