ORGANIC Lifting Retinol Cream - 100ml

ORGANIC Lifting Retinol Cream - 100ml

  • LIFTING ANTI-WRINKLE FACE CREAM WITH 3% RETINOL DELIVERY SYSTEM OF ORGANIC QUALITY / FOR BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT SKIN – Satin Naturel’s Organic Retinol Cream gives your skin a naturally beautiful radiance. It acts effectively against wrinkles by promoting the production of collagen. Our face moisturiser is the perfect after-care for your retinol serum. As always highly concentrated, vegan, & made in Germany with only the best ingredients + love.
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND ORGANIC ALOE VERA BASE – Instead of using ineffective water as the main ingredient (like other companies), we use organic aloe vera that brings a deeply nourishing, moisturising component to the table. Rich organic shea butter gives the skin a soft, supple feel that lasts. Vitamin A, vitamin C & E add an anti-ageing effect that rejuvenates your appearance. Salicylic acid is a key ingredient in acne treatment as it opens clogged pores & eliminates impurities.
  • HOW DOES OUR CREAM ENHANCE YOUR BEAUTY? – It acts effectively against wrinkles & fine lines; protects against free radicals (antioxidant properties); corrects the skin tone; supplies moisture. The anti-wrinkle face moisturiser reduces the appearance of pimples, plumps the skin, & visibly creates tautness in a matter of weeks. Lastly, it smooths wrinkles & fine lines to promote soft-to-the-touch skin with a youthful appearance.
  • VEGAN ORGANIC NATURAL COSMETICS / SKIN CARE MADE IN GERMANY – Dermatological tests confirm that our retinol cream is gentle to your skin. Specifically formulated for the application on your face, neck, & décolleté, the cream contains no essential oils or perfumes & is nearly odourless.


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